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If an Immigration Judge has denied your case and either granted voluntary departure or ordered you removed (deported), you have the right to appeal that decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), which is located in Falls Church, Virginia. An appeal is due 30 days after the Immigration Judge denied your case and if you do not file it within that time, then you have given up your right to file an appeal.

An appeal will allow the BIA to review your case in order to determine if the Immigration Judge committed either a legal or factual error on your case or violated your rights. If the BIA determines that the Immigration Judge made an error in denying your case, they will withdraw the order denying your case.​

We can provide you with the best legal representation in order to file a successful BIA appeal. Once we win your BIA appeal, your case will be returned to the Immigration Judge in order for him or her to re-review your case. This is a second opportunity for you to obtain your permanent residency (green) card..

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