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Waivers (I-601, I-601A, I-212) 

Some people are required by USCIS to file a waiver before their application for permanent residency can be granted. Waivers are required when USCIS determines that a person is "inadmissible." There are many reasons that a person can be found "inadmissible," for example, being unlawfully present in the United States, prior deportation, immigration fraud, or having being convicted of certain crimes.

If you are found "inadmissible" and qualify for a waiver, we will provide you with the best legal representation in order to prepare and file a winning waiver. Waivers normally require a showing that a "qualifying relative" (e.g. Spouse, Parent, Child) who is a U.S. Citizen or Resident will suffer extreme hardship if the waiver is denied. As such, we will prepare the best legal strategy and arguments so that your waiver is granted and you can obtain your Permanent Residency.

Additionally, if you are a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States and you have been placed in Removal (Deportation) proceedings, you may be eligible to file a waiver in order to remain here with your residency (green) card. We will represent you in Immigration Court and present the best possible case so that you can keep your residency (green) card.